Apple Watch Series 7 Review: Just Bigger Screen?

Imagine a life without gadgets – no smartphones, no smartwatches, no tablets, laptops, nothing. How do you feel? Suffocating, right? Technology has become an indispensable part of the present lifestyle where every ich of your existence owes its gratitude to the smart applications you use every day. We, the iTech experts are here today to surprise you with another scintillating Apple creation, Apple Watch Series 7.


Sleek design, useful fitness features, larger screen, better software experience – these are all that Apple watch series 6 offered. Then what’s new trending in watch series 7? The QWERTY keypad option is brand new, the multiple, eye-alluring colors, faster-charging capacity, and improved durability, you have all these options to hook on from the Apple watch series 7. Considering the budget, there is no doubt that watch series 7 stands to be the best for iPhone users.

Apple Watch Series 7

Better design

Apple watch series 7 looks appealing with its enlarged display. Especially cutting down on the borders, the watch becomes 41mm and 45mm in size weighing around 32 grams. The Series comes in five different colors – midnight, starlight, green, updated blue and red options. The apps like calculators, timers, and alarms are incorporated with bigger buttons on the screen that make it easier to tap. Those with visual confinements would find it convenient to unlock their watch screens using a passcode, or reading notifications in bigger fonts. This sensible transition in this watch series is another dimension added to the incomparable legacy Apple has been pioneering single-handedly.

Faster charging capacity

You should feel lucky that you hardly have to invest time in charging your favorite Apple watch. The watch series 7 charges itself faster by 33 percent.  Charging after 30 minutes, you can witness that your watch is prepared to serve you with almost 54 percent. Well, something that is needless to mention is that the battery life of your watch depends on how much usage it undergoes. Any activity that goes associated with GPS will drain out the battery faster than usual. But not much time goes into charging, so this watch series is undoubtedly an easy one to handle.

Apple watch series 7 sencors

Sensors and health tracking

If you are enthusiastic about measuring your fitness, just hook on to the Apple watch series 7. It comes with updated sensors and a health-tracking system that are easy to use and keep a check on. The watch series 7 is induced with a new S7 system-on-a-chip and exhibits blood oxygen saturation measurements, heart rate measurements, location tracking, an altimeter for tracking elevation, an ECG tester. Moreover, the U1 chip also accommodates SOS and international emergency calls. Apart from Apple Pay, there is a new feature of fall detection that can figure out types of workouts like cycling, running, walking, etc.

Watch series 7 multiple case  and bands

The best keyboard implementation

QWERTY keyboard is indeed a masterpiece creation in this Apple watch series 7. Added to it, is the enlarged screen resolution that enables a better view of the emails or messages. Even the auto-correct functionality in this series is noteworthy. The QuickPath feature in the watch allows you to swipe between letters other than typing each letter individually. You can even cling to the dictation feature to convey messages rather than using your phone. So, temporarily, the Apple watch series 7 can be a good substitute for your phone in emergencies.Full screen Apple watch


An overall view of the Apple watch series 7 claims admiration from its consumers and spectators. Its colors and finishes are appealing, the battery life supports 18hours of continuous service. Considering the magic of its sensors, durability, and connectivity, very few can challenge its features. It has a storage of 32 GB with a 20 percent increased Retina display. In the end, we can conclude by saying that Apple watch series 7 is truly one of the kind, and its made to fit your wrist. Visit the nearest iTech store and gift yourself the pleasure of wearing the smartest watch, the Apple Watch Series 7.


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