Best budget Apple Watch to buy in 2021

While you are already in possession of an iPhone, your Apple Watch becomes a necessity. Needless to mention Apple watches are a perfect complement for your iPhones but we, the iTech experts are here to ensure that your favorite Apple watch goes well within your budget. Off late, Apple has announced the new edition, Series 7. Although, Series 3, Series SE, and much-adorable Series 6 will continue to sell. All these models have unidentifiable resemblance but they outshine each other in features. Here’s a guide to the best budget Apple watch to buy for yourself. Come, let’s begin.

Apple watch se price


 To be honest with the fact, Apple has launched Series 6, undeniably the best option to offer till date and Series SE, that significantly targeted the people with a lower budget. Apple Series SE is undoubtedly affordable and what Apple decides for their valued consumers is to introduce a new model rather than minimizing the price of the Series 5. Apple Series SE comes with every possible specifications that can enthrall you. After all, Apple is a brand with miracles to offer.


Design-wise, the Apple watch remains the same, just like the former version. With the square shape, the casing comes in aluminum and the colors it offers are – Space Grey, silver, and gold. To enlighten you more on the design, let us reveal that prices are different for GPS versions and slightly higher for LTE versions.

Apple Watch Se specifications

The display appears to be pretty big and the aluminum casing looks regal in its own way. It is also placed with the digital crown and a button on its right side. You can also explore the mechanical feedback using the taptic engine that vibrates while the crown is rotated. On the left, there are cut-out speakers while the heart-rate sensors are placed underside. The display is shielded with a strengthened glass on top that does not allow scratches to settle down easily. The OLED display has a fantastic finish and is sure to appeal your interest greatly.


Apple watches can be exclusively paired up with iPhones, which is super easy. Apple SE requires to scan a code on the display using the Watch app on any iPhone. In Fact, the UI on the Apple watch SE is easily navigable. Swiping down and up can help you access notifications, toggles. You can use the digital crown to see the apps you have installed. If you are a music lover, then it’s good news that the Apple SE comes with 32 GB storage.

Another magnificent feature that only Apple has is ‘ HEY SIRI ‘. You can use the phrase to summon the watch or raise the watch to your face to command out. The fitness tracking facility is another ex-factor for an Apple watch. It can detect how many steps you have walked or track workouts. It can also differentiate in tracking the distance even if its minor. Naturally, its fitness tracking system is accurate and sure to play a part in your struggle to lose weight.

Moreover, Apple Watch SE can also detect the hours of sleep you have slept. The Bedtime feature in the watch recommends when you should go off to bed, your heart rate while you were asleep, and the average amount of sleep you have taken a week, month or a year. So, even you tire out, the Apple Watch SE will continue to look after your health.

Apple Watch SE Black

The watch is said to have an extremely decent battery life ranging between 30 to 35 hours at a stretch. It takes almost two hours to charge the watch completely. Considering the mic and speaker volume, Apple SE has proved its potentiality. You can call and receive calls easily using a button while you are driving, or unable to use your iPhone.


The Apple Watch SE is genuinely made considering a lower budget of the bonafide consumers. Even though it comes in a lower price without inheriting all the features from the Apple Watch Series 5, it is still a heartthrob among the other Apple watches. We, the iTech experts recommend you to visit our store or website and explore the Apple Watch SE today. While its pocket-friendly, why not grab it now?

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