Know about Airpods Pro Tips and Tricks before buy

We, the iTech experts, are here to define how the latest technology can change the equations of our mundane life. Technology in itself is a boon that comes with Apple. In these times of pandemic, we have majorly resorted to online platforms for multifarious tasks. Thus, running our lives without AirPods is just next to impossible. But as usual, Apple has come to the rescue and today we shall discuss the Airpods Pro Tips and Tricks.

Airpods Pro


Airpods are exclusively designed to fit the needs of everyone starting from a teenager to an elderly person. But any Apple product has specific uses. Until you master the art of using Apple, you are still far from the tech-savvy group of people.

How to take out the Airpods?

Apple tricks are beyond anyone’s imagination. It’s easy to take out Airpods Pro from the case, all you need is to give a push on the back of the earbud and it will automatically pop right between your thumb and forefinger.
Airpods Pro noise cancellation


Noise cancellation to enjoy the better audio system

Airpods Pro comes with ANC (Active noise cancellation) which perfectly fits the shape of your ear and blocks out the outside world so that you can have better concentration on your audio. It possesses a feature called Ambient EQ that facilitates optimized audio for specific ear shapes with the help of an internal-facing microphone. Once you disable Ambient EQ, the sound quality might degrade a little. So, it is better if you keep the Ambient EQ on. This will help you experience the best sound quality.


Wireless charging

Airpods Pro has a wireless charging case that can couple up with most IQ-compatible third-party charging mats. The new function of the case includes showing the charging status. Tap on the charging case and it will turn up with a color. The green color indicates that the charging is finished while the amber color shows that it is still charging.

Airpods Pro in Ear experience


Remote mic feature

Airpods pro allows a live listen-to feature, which uses iPhone as a microphone. Open the settings, select control center, customize controls, tap the plus button next to hear, launch control center by swiping down from the top right corner of the screen, tap the hearing icon, choose to lie to listen, and place your iPhone close to hear.


How to share audio between two Airpods?

Apple’s audio sharing feature allows you to share your Bluetooth audio with a second pair of iPods in case you choose to share your music with your partner. This provides a great scope to warm up yourself with music while jogging or watching web series silent without paying heed to the external world.


One Airpods can help in stretching its battery time

This is a unique feature Apple has designed. You can use one Airpods at a time. Use your preferred earphone and keep the other in the case. The case will automatically detect which earbud you are using. In this way, using one earbud at a time ensures long battery life.

Airpods pro

You can change Airpods Press Speed

The functions of Airpods Pro are nothing different. You can press once to play, press twice to skip forward, and press three times to skin backward. You can also slow the press speed to understand the functions clearly.


So, hope you understand that Apple Airpods Pro is stuffed with innumerable features that take you ahead of time. Grab your piece of Airpods today and keep indulging in the ocean of music. Visit the website of iTech or the store and make your purchase without a second thought. We just do not provide a guarantee on products, but we guarantee a high-tech feature.
Airpods pro with Charging case


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