New AirPods Generation 3, read before buy

Waking up from sleep, either you find your earphone wires mingling up with each other nastily, or they are found nowhere under your pillows and blankets. Ultimately what happens? That throws you in a difficult situation when your Boss is waiting for you to join over the video call and you are still scanning every nook and corner to get your earphones back. If this is a situation you come across very often, then it is high time to enlighten yourself on the new Apple launch. We, the iTech experts are happy to announce that your struggle for headphones is now bygone.

Welcome to the world of Apple, but this time, with the AirPods Generation 3 that comes with its unparalleled, exclusive features. The wireless AirPods are equipped with Find My Support that can help you locate whenever they go missing. So, draw a beautiful line to all your regular problems with Apple AirPods Generation 3.


The third-generation AirPods may bear resemblance to the previous model at first glance, but their differences are immediately conspicuous while comparing. Both are open-style earbuds and have a stem design, but the stems on the newer AirPods are significantly shorter (1.21 inches vs 1.59 inches) and are better shaped to fit your ear. Internally, the new model contains redesigned controller along with a skin detection sensor, which uses light reflections to detect the positioning of the earbuds if they are close to your ear. An H1 wireless audio chip, also found in the second-generation AirPods and AirPods Pro, is also found in each earbud along with a microphone designed to measure how your ear processes noise.

Airpods Gen 3 specifications

Exclusive Features

After unpacking, the AirPods automatically pair with iPhones, iPads, and Macs as soon as you open the charging case lid. What makes it more interesting is the facility to pair AirPods without visiting the Bluetooth menu. In addition to this, you’ll receive a pairing message on your iPhone 13 the first time you open the case. Now, Apple is no more restricted to pairing its own brand while you can also connect them to non-Apple products using the standard Bluetooth pairing process.

Automatic Pairing

However, in testing, it has been discovered that automatic pairing between multiple devices might not be fruitful in certain cases. For example, the third-generation AirPods if paired with iMac and iPhone 8 without input. To invite proper pairing, go to the Bluetooth settings on your phone or computer and disable the “Automatically connect to this phone” option.

Adaptive EQ

Essentially, Apple’s Adaptive EQ and Digital Signal Processing (DSP), are like revolutionary features. Without DSP, it’s natural for almost any pair of wireless in-ear (and overall) would distort at higher volumes on tracks with deep bass. But for Apple, it’s different as it applies an equalizer curve to audio and sculpts the headphones’ unique sound signatures. Bass response, in particular, requires adjustments both to compensate for lower perceived responses at lower volumes and to avoid distortion at higher volumes.Airpods 3 best price


The uniqueness of adaptive equalization is in the microphone built directly into the AirPods that can measure how the ear processes audio. Determines how the placement of the headset affects audio performance and then actively adjusts the audio. Since the position of the headset and its angle can vary greatly, AirPods use microphone measurements to generate an equalizer curve to balance it. Channel seal headphones don’t need to address this issue. In other words, while the microphone is elegant from a technological standpoint, it’s more of an obvious problem recognition with an open ear design.

Spatial Audio

Spatial Audio is an excellent feature that makes the audio sound bigger and clearer through AirPods. It has two modes: fixed and head tracking. Fixed spatial audio gives the mix a feeling of spaciousness with an effect resembling the functions used in many gaming headsets. Head Tracked Spatial Audio uses motion sensors in the AirPods to detect the movement of your head and then adjust the perceived position of the sound accordingly.


Siri, which can be accessed simply by talking to Siri via the AirPods, can clearly decode the voice commands. Be it a weather report or playing your favorite song, you just need to utter “Hey Siri”, this feature won’t let you down. If you are not fond of ​​Siri always listening, you can easily disable this feature in the Siri settings menu; look for the Listen “Hey Siri” option.

Apple Airpods 3 best specs

To sum up, Apple AirPods Generation 3 will impart a feeling of technology building through melodies. Visit our iTech store and snatch your share of AirPods Generation 3 today. Enjoy melodies through innovation.

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