The Evolution Of iPads

The evolution of iPads has brought about a significant change in the history of tech innovation. We all should rather expose our gratitude to the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs for introducing a new generation of technology, the iPad, Apple’s new computer. As we move into 2020, the iPad is updated with new features with each new generation. The first iPads were considered tablets for media consumption, but the latest models are just as good as regular laptops in features and performance. Apple is essentially experimenting with the possibilities of the iPad. With iPad OS, the iPad is becoming the primary computer. It’s time to look back on the evolution of the iPad with the launch of the new iPad Pro.

iPad Air 4th Generation 2020

Apple’s latest iPad Air, now standing in its fourth generation, is undoubtedly a powerful invention in September 2020 and launched in October 2020. It displays a 10.9-inch Retina touchscreen, the same chip as the iPhone 12, and a powerful A14 Bionic processor. 

iPad Air 4th Gen Price

This iPad is a combination between the iPad and iPad Pro. It inherits many characteristics of the iPad Pro, including a near-edge-less screen, a more modern design with flat edges and no home button, compatibility with the latest Apple accessories as usual, and a USB-C port instead of Lightning for charging.

iPad Pro 2021

Apple’s most expensive tablet gets a major update with the launch of the 5th-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro and 3rd-generation 11-inch iPad Pro in 2021. As with its predecessor, the 11-inch version and the 12.9-inch version have different price ranges. 
iPad Pro Price

 Both models feature the new Apple M1 processor, additional 5G internet connection, Thunderbolt 4 port, and a new  Center Stage feature that keeps the selfie camera centered on the subject despite movement. The 12.9-inch model also has a redesigned display that uses a mini led panel to improve brightness and contrast. 

 With these changes, the Apple iPad Pro tablet is more powerful and more productive than ever. However, it is still best for creative and multimedia editors, as multitasking for most other professional tasks is much easier on desktop operating systems like macOS or Windows.

10.2 inch iPad 9th Generation 2021

The iPad possesses a 10.2-inch touchscreen, an A13 Bionic processor, and 64GB of storage on the base model. It suffices all the basic needs, but if you decide on using your iPad to download a lot of videos, make reels, store a lot of images, or indulge in playing games, we recommend upgrading to the 256GB model to enable little more storage space.
iPad Gen 9 Price

The previous 2020 iPads were pretty similar and occupied the winning position in the Buyers’ Guide for their awesome reasonable price, smooth performance, features, and great overall value.

 In addition to the processor upgrade, the 2021 iPad announces the second-generation Apple Pencil. Apple is also offering the 2021 iPad a new  FaceTime ultra-wide camera with Apple Center Stage that is capable of spotting the users as they move during video calls or video recordings. The iPad 2021 display also boats Apple’s True Tone feature, which is uniquely created to adjust the screen automatically to the color temperature of the room you’re in. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

iPad Mini 6th Generation 2021

The 2021 iPad Mini proposes a design closer to the iPad Air with narrower handgrips through an all-out redesign. The 2021 iPad Mini features a larger 8.3-inch Liquid Retina touch display with True Tone color technology compared to the simple 7.9-inch screen of the previous generation. The device is fitted with the latest and most powerful Apple A15 Bionic processor to support the iPhone 13 series is also here, with storage available in 64GB and 256GB versions. 
iPad Mini 6

The new 2021 iPad Mini features a second-generation Apple Pencil, a USBC port for faster charging and connecting accessories, an ultra-wide FaceTime camera with Apple Center Stage, an improved 12MP rear camera, and a Touch ID sensor built into the power button. top bezel. edge.  WiFi + Cellular models also support 5G networks.

So, here we conclude by saying that there is no limitation to creativity. Then how about merging creativity with technology? We invite you to visit our iTech store and experience every innovation closely.

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